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Our services cover all the necessary works on site for an accurate execution of the assembly work.
We take charge of the execution planning untill the commissioning, including all the necessary human and technical resources for the development of the work..
Logístics Industry
Installation, assembly, adjustment and commissioning of:
  • Stacker cranes.
  • Roller Conveyors: belt conveyors, chain conveyors.
  • Overhead conveyors.
  • Elevators, transfer cars.
  • Automatic Vehicle Parking.
  • Stacker cranes - Massimo Dutti
  • Pull & Bear (Narón)
  • Cosentino - Cassioli
  • Auchan-France
  • Mango
  • Zara Home
  • Mahou
  • Cartonajes Unión
  • Frinavarra
  • Estrella_Galicia
  • Persiana_Schaefer
  • Fritz Ravich
  • Soria Natural
  • Consum
  • ICP
Industrial facilities
Installation, assembly, adjustment and commissioning of:
  • Bridge cranes.
  • Harbor cranes and port machinery.
  • Lines for bulk handling: tapes, reclaimers, stackers ...
  • Compostilla
  • Bando machine
  • Power Plant As Pontes
  • Crack repair crane
  • Bridge crane
  • Pickup carbon
  • EHBI
  • Bulk Line
  • Port Crane
Electrical Engineering and Control
  • Low Voltage Electrical Engineering: development of Basic Engineering and / or Detail, delineation of electrical drawings: diagrams, terminal blocks, wire lists, bills of materials...
  • Control Engineering: development of functional and operational specifications, selection and optimization of Sensors System and Instrumentation, PLC programming, Monitoring Systems and Monitoring (HMI and SCADA), remote maintenance of the facilities developed
  • Test Bank
  • Huca's Scada
  • Plataforma Coprosa
  • Multiplicadoras_Banco
  • Test Bank
  • Etiquetado Limpac