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Quality politics
Monturtech, is a company dedicated to the mechanical assembly of industrial logistic installations, maintenance and repairs. In our quest to achieve a higher quality in the performance of our works and services offered to customers we have established the following maximum to comply within our company:

  • Our Quality Management System and its improvement is the responsibility of all members of the company, starting with the Management.
  • The quality of our work is a priority for maintaining a competitive position within the market.
  • Monturtech and its work systems are oriented towards the satisfaction of all our customers through the commitment of the entire organization to meet the needs and requirements marked by these, as well as the requirements related to our stakeholders.
  • Our Quality Management System is based on a plan for continuous improvement of both the production processes and the effectiveness of the quality management system, in which preventing errors is a fundamental aspect.
  • The market demands us to pay the utmost attention to the technological evolution and the possible improvements that the new technologies put within our reach.
  • In our commitment to improving our company requires the participation and collaboration of all, which is why it is imperative to take into account the motivation, training and communication of all members of the company.

For the effective application of these principles, it is absolutely necessary to support them both from the management team and from the entire staff, as well as from suppliers and customers.

Mrs. SOLEDAD SION on June 21, 2017
 ISO 9001 Certificate ISO 9001